1. First step: Choose from my retouching services


$ 10 / photo
  • technical image processing (conversion, exposure, white balance, sharpness)
  • elimination of major imperfections in the photo
  • quick Liquify
  • easy color correction
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$ 15 / photo
  • technical image processing (conversion, exposure, white balance, sharpness)
  • elimination of obvious skin imperfections
  • elimination of background and clothing defects
  • Liquify
  • color correction
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$ 40 / photo
  • It includes everything that is included in the fashion retouching
  • plus detailed skin retouching (Dodge and Burn - this method preserves the natural texture of the skin)
  • removing stray hairs
  • correcting the shape of the hairstyle
  • correcting makeup and local color correction
  • attention to the smallest detail
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retouching services notes

Complex hair retouching (for advertising Barber services, shampoo, etc.) – is discussed separately.

Collage – discussed separately.

The cost of the work also depends on the number of people in the frame.

If you need complete privacy and don’t want to see your retouched photos in my portfolio, please let me know in advance, because this increases the cost of work by 30%.

* If there is no clear technical task, then the processing of the photo is at my discretion, taking into account professional retouching experience. Subsequent revision of photographs based on individual wishes is paid separately.

The speed of order completion depends on the number of photos, the selected type of retouching, your requirements and my workload. Therefore, I ask you to indicate to me your deadline, so that I can warn you in advance if I realize that I will not be able to meet your deadline.

The work is carried out at least 50% prepayment

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